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This wild NES mouse will haunt your dreams

This wild NES mouse will haunt your dreams


The 8BitDo N30 looks like what would happen if you smashed an NES in a car crusher

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Nintendo’s original Entertainment System (NES) is now 34 years old. A millennial, in other words. And since the console debuted in North America in the fall of 1985, its design — the familiar boxy shape; that matte gray, black, and red — has been an inspiration to nerds everywhere. The latest entry into this venerable canon, which includes everything from (fly as hell) Jordans to shelving, is the 8BitDo N30: a 2.4GHz wireless mouse made by the mad scientists over at 8BitDo. You can order one right now for $24.99.

8BitDo is probably best known for its high-end controllers and gaming peripherals. A mouse isn’t totally out of their wheelhouse, though it is a little odd. I mean, look at it.

The design is the brainchild of Swedish industrial designer Daniel Jansson, whose original foam model was covered breathlessly by tech blogs way back in 2009. This year, 8BitDo partnered with Jansson to bring it to life.

The mouse features a 3D touch panel between the buttons for scrolling, and the D-pad on the side is for navigating websites — page forward and backward the same way you move Mario in Super Mario Bros. What’s more: 8BitDo says that a single AA battery will give you 100-120 hours of use. That should be more than enough time to, I don’t know, go dust off your old NES and finally beat the original Legend of Zelda.