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Motorola’s folding Razr leaks again just hours before official launch event

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This time, it’s thanks to the FCC

Image: FCC / Motorola

Images of Motorola’s unannounced foldable Razr phone have surfaced once again, this time via the device’s Federal Communications Commission certification. MySmartPrice was first to spot the listing, which shows photographs of the phone from every angle, giving us another look at its notched folding display as well as a second display on the exterior of the phone.

There’s not a whole lot of new information here, thanks to the deluge of images of the device that leaked out last month.

The images show a device with a USB-C charging port and no headphone jack.
Image: FCC / Motorola

These are the first shots to give us a good look at the bottom of the phone, revealing a USB-C charging port and no headphone jack. Slightly more surprising is how much the phone’s hinges seem to protrude from the sides of the device, although, as MySmartPrice notes, this could be because the photographs are of a pre-production sample.

Unfortunately, the images don’t appear to offer any more clues about what that small button below the phone’s screen is able to do. It seems likely that it’s a combination home button / fingerprint sensor, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for a spring-loaded mechanism that flips open with a button press. It’s also unclear whether the phone’s external screen is touch-enabled or a more simple notification display.

If we had to guess, we’d say these images just appeared because Motorola will officially announce the device later today. Stay tuned.