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AirFly wireless headphone dongle updated with aux input support

AirFly wireless headphone dongle updated with aux input support


Battery life has also been doubled

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Image: Twelve South

The AirFly Pro is the latest in Twelve South’s lineup of headphone dongles, designed to let you connect your wireless headphones to a device with a 3.5mm headphone jack but no Bluetooth support — such as a Nintendo Switch or most in-flight entertainment systems. The new model supports connecting two pairs of headphones at a time, and doubles its battery life to 16 hours compared to the AirFly Classic.

The adapter also now offers aux input, allowing you to use it to stream music from your phone to a non-Bluetooth stereo via a 3.5mm jack. That makes it useful for pretty much every older car stereo (or even older models if you pair it with a cassette adapter), but we could also see it being useful for adding Bluetooth to an old home stereo in a pinch.

The branding of the AirFly Pro clearly suggests that the company expects people to use the adapter with their AirPods, but it should be compatible with most Bluetooth headphones out there. Sure, most wireless over-ear headphones come with a 3.5mm jack, but the same can’t be said for the dozens of true wireless earbuds that have flooded the market in recent years.

There are plenty of other wireless headphone adapters available nowadays, but Twelve South’s AirFly played a big part in popularizing the idea, and has worked fairly well in our experience. The AirFly Pro will also be stocked in Apple Stores worldwide, which should help with availability.

The old AirPods were never a great fit for flying (the lack of noise-cancellation and open design meant they let a lot of background noise in), but the new AirPods Pro are a much more viable option, especially when paired with an adapter like this. As well as being available in Apple Stores, the AirFly Pro is also available to buy directly from Twelve South for $55.