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It’s bad tech etiquette to take other peoples’ phone chargers

The unofficial guide to tech etiquette

Technology turns people into weird creatures — and not the Instagram filter kind. It breeds gross behavior, like texting on the toilet, or tempts you into swiping through somebody’s entire camera roll when they show you just one picture.

Illustration by Dami Lee / The Verge

Since there’s no official manual to tech etiquette and everyone has their own opinions, we’re launching an animated series documenting our personal tech peeves. Will airing these out finally put an end to one-word, no punctuation “hey” messages? Or stop your grandmother from sending her entire email message in the subject line? Maybe. Or maybe not.

Our new series Tech Etiquette is about calling people out the weird, quirky, and sometimes infuriating things humans do with technology. May these personal confessions be the unofficial guide to tech etiquette we all need.

Nothing inspired this series more than working in an open office where your phone charger is up for grabs to literally anyone within reach.

The first episode is all about these lawless creatures.

Let us know in the comments: what are some of your biggest tech peeves?

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