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Xbox One November Update now available with Google Assistant, new gamertags, and text filters

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Some useful new features for Xbox owners

Microsoft is rolling out its November 2019 Update for the Xbox One today. The big new addition is Google Assistant support, allowing you to use a device with the assistant or app to control an Xbox One. Google Assistant won’t run on the Xbox One itself, but you’ll be able to use it to launch games, apps, turn the console on and off, pause videos, and more. Microsoft first started testing this feature back in September.

Alongside the Google Assistant support, Microsoft is also implementing its new gamertag support in the November update. This means you can now pick any gamertag and use numbers at the end like Discord or use. While you could change your gamertag earlier this year, it’s now fully supported on console in friends, messages, LFG, and more.

The final big addition this month is Xbox text filters. Microsoft revealed these filters last month, and they’re designed to prevent toxicity on the Xbox Live platform. There will be four new levels of text-based filtration available: Friendly, Medium, Mature, and Unfiltered. The Friendly mode is the most child-friendly option, designed to filter out all potentially offensive messages. If you opt for Unfiltered, it will work just like Xbox Live messaging mostly works today.

You can download the new console update immediately in the settings section of the Xbox One, or wait for it to be automatically applied in the coming days.