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Ford Mustang Mach-E photos, pricing leak ahead of official debut

Ford Mustang Mach-E photos, pricing leak ahead of official debut


You had one job, Ford

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It appears someone at Ford wasn’t careful enough with the upcoming Mustang Mach-E reservation website, because now a bunch of photos and specs have leaked three days before the car is set to make its official debut. A bunch of screen grabs ended up on the forum site, and now we know a whole lot more about Ford’s first major EV before we were supposed to.

The screen grabs contain a wealth of information, including the Mach E’s range and charge-time estimates, its MSRP, and its 0–60 time. It also says that customers can expect deliveries by late 2020. But take all this with a grain of salt: this website could have been a placeholder of sorts and the specs could change dramatically before the official debut. Don’t assume these figures represent the final word on the Mustang Mach-E.


That said, the information appears to match up with much of the buzz that’s been circulating about the car. According to the leaked site, the Mach-E will come in five trims: Select, Premium, California Rt. 1, GT, and First Edition. The Select version of the car starts at an MSRP of $43,895, followed by Premium at $50,600, California Rt. 1 at $52,400, limited First Edition at $59,900, and GT at $60,500. All those prices are before factoring in the $7,500 federal EV tax credit.

Depending on the trim, the range can vary from 210 miles (Select with all-wheel drive) to 300 miles (California Rt. 1 with rear-wheel drive). The upper trim cars seem to be AWD only. Either way, that’s a very respectable range estimate that is sure to give Tesla and other EV aspirants a run for their money. Intriguingly, the leaked images suggest the Mach-E can add 47 miles of range per 10 minutes of charging.

very respectable range estimate that is sure to give Tesla a run for its money

The interior of the car features two digital displays, one behind the steering wheel, and the other sitting in the middle of the dash, Tesla Model 3-style. The center screen appears to be the entirety of the infotainment system, again much like the Model 3. It’s going to be very interesting to watch as Ford engineers and designers dance around the inevitable Tesla questions they will get while showing this car off for the first time.

Ford has announced recently the imminent release of its next-generation infotainment system, Sync 4. As such, the Mach-E’s touchscreen is probably 15.5-inches, seeing as how that’s the maximum size supported by Sync 4. All of the automaker’s 2020 vehicles are expected to come with the infotainment system preloaded.

As for the car itself, gone are the traditional trappings of an internal combustion engine vehicle, such as a front grille and tailpipes. But instead of a totally smooth front end like the Model 3, the Mach-E has a cutout surrounding the Mustang logo. It almost looks like a baby Mustang trying to push itself out of a larger car’s mouth. At first glance, it’s a little off-putting and may take some getting used to.

“The future of exhilaration” is the Ford Mustang Mach-E tagline — which is better than the often tangled versions of “Built Ford Tough” that we’ve gotten in the past.