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YouTube beauty guru James Charles is launching a makeup competition show

YouTube beauty guru James Charles is launching a makeup competition show


Winner takes home $50,000

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James Charles is one of the most influential beauty creators on YouTube, and he’s using his platform to try to find YouTube’s next beauty guru through a four-part YouTube Original series.

The show, which is operating under the working title James Charles Instant Influencer, is akin to other fashion and beauty reality series, like Project Runway. Six contestants will be featured, with the winner taking home the grand prize of $50,000. Like all reality shows, though, the exposure Charles will give each beauty vlogger on his channel can help boost their careers on YouTube.

Launching in 2020, James Charles Instant Influencer will be available to watch directly on his channel (which has just over 16 million subscribers) on a weekly basis and for free. YouTube Originals have, in the past, only been available to those with YouTube Premium accounts. That’s changed recently, though. YouTube has spent some time trying to figure out what its Originals look like (between giving creators like Liza Koshy their own series or working with the Deadpool writers to produce projects that can take on Netflix), but this feels like the most logical step for what YouTube is at its core.

No word on whether that will include Twitter feuds or lengthy apology videos on YouTube

Developed by Charles in partnership with YouTube Originals and Brian Graden Media, the show is supposed to offer an authentic portrayal of YouTube creators and the beauty community. No word on whether that will include Twitter feuds, lengthy apology videos on YouTube, and snarky comments about one another’s makeup lines — facets of the beauty community that Charles knows a little bit about after getting into massive feuds with creators like Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star.

Charles will host, executive produce, and act as a judge, according to a video announcement he published today. Celebrity guest judges will also appear on the show. Charles says he’s spent three years working on the concept for the show (almost the full length of his YouTube career), and is committed to being involved with every single step in the process along the way.

“This show has been one of my biggest dreams since day one,” Charles tweeted. “I’ve learned so much over the past few years and have been so blessed to grow the platform I have, and now I cannot wait to pass along that knowledge and help a few deserving artists grow their platform, too.”

James Charles Instant Influencer will debut in Spring 2020.