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Spark email app gets a fresh redesign and dark mode

Spark email app gets a fresh redesign and dark mode


One of the best email apps finally looks the part

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Spark is one of the best email apps around on both Android and iOS, offering tons of customization options and plenty of high-level features, but it has tended to lag behind some of its competitors when it comes to design. That changes today with the launch of the latest version of the app, which brings a slick redesign that makes Spark far more enjoyable to look at, along with a new dark mode setting.

The odd, windowed design of the old app has been replaced by a more uniform background (either white or black, depending on which mode you select). There are also some much-needed visual tweaks, including a new font and the long-absent option to view avatars for contacts next to their emails.

The update isn’t just cosmetic, though. Spark also has been updated with even more customization options, allowing users to choose which actions show up at the bottom of an open email. The new Spark now supports multiple windows on iPadOS, allowing users to open multiple emails at the same time or reference one email thread side by side with a response in a different one.

The updated Spark app should be rolling now on both Android and iOS.