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Disney+ updated to add missing ‘continue watching’ section

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Pick up where you left off


Disney+ has been updated to add a missing “continue watching” section, making it easier to resume content that viewers started watching at an earlier point. It’s a small update — Disney is adding it server-side, so you won’t even have to update your apps — but it’s a useful one that was oddly absent from the service when it launched earlier this month (as spotted by 9to5Google).

The feature is available across the various platforms on which Disney+ is offered, so you can start something on one device and resume it on another. (This is especially useful since Disney+ has some odd quirks when it comes to searching for things.) The feature works exactly like it does on other streaming platforms like Netflix. There’s a new “continue watching” row on the home screen, which shows recently started content and how far into an episode or movie you are. Click the title for your show or movie, and it’ll open up right where you left off.

The addition of a continue watching section isn’t a surprise: Kevin Mayer, head of Disney’s direct to consumer division, promised at the Code Conference last week that “a row that says ‘continue watching’ all the different things that you’ve started, that’s going to start appearing over the next week.”