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Adobe’s Fresco drawing app arrives on Windows

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Designed for pen devices like the Surface Pro

Adobe Fresco — the company’s drawing and painting app that had originally launched earlier this year on the iPad — is coming to Windows, the company announced today alongside a slew of other news. Like the iPad version, the Windows version of Fresco is free for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers or $9.99 / month for non-subscribers.

According to Adobe, the first version of Fresco for Windows is meant for pen devices, like the Microsoft Surface Pro or the Wacom MobileStudio Pro.

The Windows version of Fresco, like the iPad one, will take advantage of the newly expanded cloud document feature that Adobe is also announcing today. With it, customers will be able to save PSD files between Photoshop and Fresco, making it easy to create new art in Fresco and send it straight to Photoshop (or vice versa).

Adobe had promised earlier this year that a version of Fresco for ARM-based Windows devices, like the Surface Pro X, is also in the works, although that version isn’t launching today.