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Adobe’s AI-powered video framing tool is available now in Premiere Pro

Adobe’s AI-powered video framing tool is available now in Premiere Pro


A time-saving feature for social media cuts

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Adobe’s new Auto Reframe feature, which uses artificial intelligence to automate the process of editing and cropping video for various social platforms, is now available in Premiere Pro, the company announced today as part of its slew of product releases at the annual Adobe Max conference.

Adobe first detailed Autoframe earlier this year, and it works by analyzing individual frames and ensuring that a square or 16:9 crop doesn’t cut off the action or result in an awkward framing job.

Premiere users can make use of Auto Reframe by first designating how much motion is in the video they’re editing. From there, the software will generate motion keyframes with the intent of capturing the action of a scene, doing the tedious work of manually reframing for you. It’s helpful if you’re taking video shot in 16:9 and turning it into a square 1:1 video for Instagram or a 9:16 video for vertical mobile viewing.

You can edit those keyframes after Auto Reframe does its work, in the event you want a specific look for, say, the Instagram Stories version of the video that requires some manual tinkering. The feature also resizes text appropriately, removing an incredibly laborious task from the editing process through software automation.