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V-Moda’s first reference studio headphones are coming this month for $350

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For studio pros and audiophiles alike

Image: V-Moda

V-Moda’s M100 headphones, later iterated upon with the Crossfade Wireless and Crossfade 2 Wireless, were a fantastic value and a crowd favorite for their durability, bass-forward performance, and customizable side plates. Today, the company is introducing the M200 headphones, but these aren’t meant for your Spotify playlists and they’re not pitched to mainstream consumers. They’re pro-level headphones intended for musicians, composers, audio engineers, and so on. And if you’re carrying a hi-res Sony Walkman or DAC around, you’re probably part of the target market, too.

V-Moda says the M200s are its “first-ever reference studio headphone,” and they’ve been designed for a neutral, clean sound output “perfect for producers, musicians, and sound professionals alike.” They go up for preorder today for $350 and will ship later this month.

Image: V-Moda

Since they’re built for professional purposes, the M200s have a wired connection. They feature 50mm drivers — “fine-tuned by Roland” (Roland acquired V-Moda back in 2016) — with neodymium magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils for hi-res audio reproduction. The headphones are designed to pick up the slightest nuances of audio, which is crucial for mixing and mastering.

V-Moda says they’ve got larger, flatter ear cups compared to the Crossfade series; comfort is obviously key during lengthy recording studio sessions. Weight distribution along the headband has been improved, and it’s now more flexible to allow for easier single-ear monitoring. As with other V-Moda headphones, the cushions are detachable and replaceable, and V-Moda says it has also improved the headphones’ sweat resistance.

And as is the company’s tradition, V-Moda is offering plenty of personalization options, including color printing, laser engraving, and a selection of aluminum side plates that can be customized with your chosen logo or design.

Image: V-Moda

They still fold up and pack neatly into the redesigned, more spacious carrying case and are compatible with a range of cables with both built-in and external microphones in case you do end up using them with your phone or taking a Skype call on a connected computer. V-Moda’s boom mic is still one of my favorite gaming accessories, so it’s nice to have that flexibility if you want it.