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Apple Arcade’s latest surprise is Guildlings, a cute fantasy game from the creator of Threes

Apple Arcade’s latest surprise is Guildlings, a cute fantasy game from the creator of Threes


‘A world of wizards and Wi-Fi’

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We’re nearly two months out from the launch of Apple Arcade, and things haven’t slowed down much: excellent new games from well-known creators still regularly hit the subscription service. The latest is Guildlings, a quirky fantasy adventure game developed by some of the minds behind Threes and The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom, which launches today. The RPG takes place in a world that blends high fantasy with modern day YA tropes; the creators describe it as “a world of wizards and Wi-Fi.”

Here’s how the creators describe what you’ll actually be doing in the game:

Leverage your Guild members’ abilities in playful turn-based combat, using unique powers tied to each party member’s personality and mood. Keeping your team happy will make your journey easier, but sometimes a little drama will take the story to interesting (and hilarious) places!

Guildlings also features controller support, and the developers say it’s playable in both portrait and widescreen modes. What’s available now is described as “chapter one,” so if you like what’s there, it appears there is more in the works.

It’s also the latest release in what’s becoming a trend of surprise launches on Apple Arcade. Back in October, for instance, Apple quietly released excellent new games from the creators of Neko Atsume and Machinarium. Apple Arcade was already a good deal at launch, and it just seems to keep getting better.

Guildlings is launching at a busy time — Death Stranding also comes out today, and there’s a brand-new Pokémon adventure next week — but the developers say it only lasts around five or six hours, making it an ideal weekend distraction.