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Waze now allows you to report unplowed roads and black ice

Waze now allows you to report unplowed roads and black ice


This sounds genuinely useful

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Winter sucks for a lot of reasons — it’s midnight at 4:30PM, it’s cold and wet outside and then uncomfortably warm in your office, the heating bills are a pain — but one of the worst things about it has to be trying to drive in its weather.

Roads go unplowed and become impassable; snowfall demolishes traction; black ice forms on road surfaces, which can be deadly. Thankfully, the navigation app Waze is now letting drivers report wintry weather and road conditions, which means that other drivers can stay informed about what’s coming up in front of them.

The feature is called “Snow Warnings,” according to 9to5Google, and is a direct result of the app’s partnership with the Virginia Department of Transportation — the department suggested that Waze create an option to highlight dangerous bits of roadway. The feature is now live wherever the app operates, which means you can use Snow Warnings now in over 185 countries. (And because Google Maps sometimes takes its cues from Waze, you might see it on Google’s main navigation app soon.)

That’s great news! Although, you probably shouldn’t be paying close attention to your phone while you’re driving. Especially not in the snow.