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The Mac Pro’s optional wheels cost $400

The Mac Pro’s optional wheels cost $400


The wheels on the Mac go round and round

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Image: Apple

When Apple first showed off its new Mac Pro, the company also revealed that you could configure it with optional wheels, which might be handy if you need to regularly move your workstation. At the time, Apple didn’t share how much the wheels would cost, but it did say that the base Mac Pro started at an eye-watering $5,999, so they didn’t seem likely to come cheap.

The Mac Pro is now available to order, and it turns out that you’ll need to drop a cool $400 to be able to roll your new computer from place to place. Broken down another way, that’s $100 per wheel. What a steal!

If that sounds like a drop in the bucket, why not go all-in and max out a Mac Pro? It will only cost you a paltry $52,599. Just don’t forget to buy the $4,999 Pro Display XDR with an optional $999 upgrade to “nano-texture glass.” And since the monitor doesn’t come with any way to actually stand it up on your desk, you may want to spring for the $999 Pro Stand while you’re at it.

We’ve asked Apple why the wheels cost so much — perhaps there’s a genuine feat of engineering, but the company didn’t mention one during the original presentation — and we’ll update this article if we hear more.