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Ruined King and Convergence are the first indie League of Legends spinoffs

Ruined King and Convergence are the first indie League of Legends spinoffs

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Tonight at The Game Awards, Riot revealed the first indie games it will be publishing as part of its newly-unveiled Riot Forge label. One is called Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, and it’s being developed by Airship Syndicate for console and PC. You can check out the first trailer above. The other is Convergence — inexplicably styled Conv/rgence — developed by Double Stallion Games. You can get a first look below. It’s also coming to console and PC, though neither game has a release date yet.

Riot Forge was announced a week ago as a way for Riot to expand the League of Legends universe with smaller, linear games. The idea is that, while Riot focuses on the big, ongoing titles like the core League of Legends, indie studio will craft more narratively driven experiences within the same fictional world. “Riot doesn’t have a ton of traditional experience making completable games, so we’re working with studios who do have that experience and unique style to bring a new look to League of Legends,” Riot Forge head Leanne Loombe told The Verge.

Of course, the new indie titles aren’t the only way Riot is expanding the League universe. At a 10th anniversary event in October, the company announced a number of new games and initiatives, including a mobile version of League, an animated series, and other spin-offs like a fighting game. Riot is also working on its first non-League game with the mysterious team shooter “Project A.”