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Google’s 4K Pixelbook Go is now available for purchase

Google’s 4K Pixelbook Go is now available for purchase


4K on a 13.3-inch screen

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

When Google announced its relatively inexpensive new Pixelbook Go, it said that a more expensive Pixelbook Go configuration with a 4K screen was on the way, and that model is finally available for purchase (via Android Central).

The 4K configuration is more than twice as expensive as the base model — $1,399 for the 4K version instead of $649 for a base Pixelbook Go — and it even eclipses the $999 base price of Google’s Pixelbook 2-in-1. (The Go is supposed to be the affordable alternative.) But that machine doesn’t have a 4K screen option, and you get a Core i7 processor for cheaper with the Pixelbook Go than with Google’s backflipping laptop, where you’ll pay $1,649.

That said, it might be hard to see the benefits of a 4K screen on the Pixelbook Go’s 13.3-inch display, and you’re paying a lot for the option to do so, though the 4K configuration is the only Go with that i7 and 256GB of solid-state storage.

My colleague Dieter Bohn reviewed the $849 configuration of the Pixelbook Go, and he was really impressed with its keyboard and clean design. But he noted that you can get Chromebooks with similar specs for cheaper (you can see how it compares to other Chromebooks here), and the laptop’s 16:9 aspect ratio can feel cramped. But if you were waiting for a Google-made Chromebook with a 4K display, it’s now here.