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These leaked Galaxy Note 10 Lite pics suggest Samsung is embracing the camera rectangle

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Looks like square-ish camera bumps are becoming a trend

Images: WinFuture

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10 on August 23rd, but a new variant of it is apparently in the works. What appear to be leaked marketing images of the upcoming device have been posted by WinFuture, which reports it will be called the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

It seems the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will keep a hole-punch display for the front-facing camera, but its triple-camera system will be arranged in a rectangle, similar to the iPhone 11 and Pixel 4’s camera squares and unlike the Galaxy Note 10’s vertical camera row. The images also show the phone may still come with an S Pen and the device may come in black, a good-looking red, and one of Samsung’s shimmery, multicolor gradient finishes.

Image: WinFuture
Image: WinFuture

The new S Pen may be an upgrade from other S Pens. According to a Bluetooth certification for the Galaxy Note 10 Lite shared by GSM Arena, the phone will support Bluetooth 5.1, which could mean that the phone will have a more precise idea of the S Pen’s positioning for things like air gestures.

The images posted by WinFuture don’t tell us much about the specs of the new device, though, so it seems we might have to wait to hear more about how powerful it is compared to the standard Note 10. But given the supposed “Lite” branding, it seems plausible this could be a less powerful, more affordable version of the Note 10, like how the Galaxy S10E is a cheaper version of the Galaxy S10.