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YouTube Music gets Spotify-like personalized playlists

YouTube Music gets Spotify-like personalized playlists

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

YouTube Music has rolled out its first personalized playlists to all subscribers, including a rival to Spotify’s Discover Weekly called Discover Mix. YouTube’s Discover Mix and New Release Mix were spotted by some users back in September, but they’re now available for all alongside a third personalized playlist called Your Mix.

Discover Mix is meant to introduce you to new artists you’ve never heard of or serve up lesser-known tracks from artists you already have in rotation. While Spotify’s weekly mix is 30 tracks and updates on Mondays, YouTube’s has 50 songs and will update on Wednesdays.

The New Release Mix will be stocked with recent releases from your favorite artists, sprinkled with some picks YouTube Music thinks you’ll like. This is sort of like Spotify’s Release Radar playlist. But where Release Radar updates every Friday, the New Release Mix will be constantly refreshing as artists put out music. So expect to see bigger change-ups on Fridays — when most new releases drop — and mid-week updates as well.

Image: YouTube Music

Lastly, Your Mix is a more general catch-all playlist for when you want to just listen to stuff you like. It shuffles songs and artists you already know with some fresh selections, and it’s constantly updated with small changes. Of course, with this and the rest of YouTube Music’s new playlists, the more you interact with the platform and actively like songs, the better your mixes should be. If you’re new to the service, YouTube Music says it can start doling out personalized selections after “you’ve selected a couple of artists you like during setup, or even after listening to just a few songs.”

Google has been aggressively pushing YouTube Music as of late, bundling it on Android devices that run Android 10 out of the box (replacing Google Play Music), adding support for Siri along with a full web app, and, of course, delivering those notoriously persistent Premium subscription pop-ups. The company has hinted that these three playlists are just the start of what it has in store for personalization, noting that people should “stay tuned for more music mixed just for you.”

All three playlists can be found under the “Mixed for you” section within YouTube Music and are available on the web player as well as the app for iOS or Android.