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This Apple Watch charger plugs directly into a USB-C port so you can carry fewer cords

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So it’s an Apple Watch charger dongle?

Image: Satechi

If you’ve been looking for an Apple Watch charger that isn’t yet another long cable that can get tangled up in your bag, Satechi’s new USB-C Apple Watch charging dock might be the charger you’ve been looking for.

The dock looks to be pretty straightforward — it’s just a magnetic Apple Watch dock that can plug into a USB-C port. You can also plug the dock into an included USB-C male to USB-C female cord and plug that cord into a USB-C port, if you need a little extra space between the dock and a USB-C port.

I actually think this could be kind of handy if you want to top up your Apple Watch’s battery while you’re out and about — but honestly, if you charge your Apple Watch every night, that will probably give you enough battery to get through a day already. This charging dock could be useful if want to pack fewer things with cords when you’re traveling away from home with your Apple Watch, though.

Satechi says the charging dock is out now on its website for $44.99.