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Twitter’s iPad app is getting a much-needed redesign

Twitter’s iPad app is getting a much-needed redesign


Featuring far less white space but still not much customization

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Image: Applesfera

Twitter’s iPad app has a new design that makes far more efficient use of the tablet’s screen, Applesfera reports. While the social network’s current iPad app shows everything in a single column with loads of wasted white space on either side, the new design adds multiple columns, similar to the service’s web interface. On the left you’ll find Twitter’s navigation bar, while trending topics can now be found on the right.

Although the new design technically constitutes a multi-column layout, it’s still a far cry from what you’ll find in apps like TweetDeck. There you’re able to customize exactly what each column shows, whether it’s a feed of your mentions, direct messages, or a specific hashtag. You don’t get this same flexibility in the new Twitter iPad interface.

Based on reports from Twitter users, the new design appears to be rolling out now, but it doesn’t seem to be available everywhere just yet. If you want a preview of what the new design looks like, then you can always check out Twitter’s existing web interface.