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Tesla vehicles can soon be charged at EVgo charging stations in the US

Tesla vehicles can soon be charged at EVgo charging stations in the US


The first connectors will be distributed at EVgo’s charging stations in San Francisco

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Tesla owners will soon be able to charge their vehicles at EVgo charging stations. The EV charging company said it will partner with Elon Musk’s company to install Tesla’s proprietary connector at some of its 750 public charging stations nationwide.

The first connectors will be distributed at EVgo’s charging stations in San Francisco, with more to follow in 2020. EVgo says its new Tesla-supported chargers can provide up to 90 miles of charge in about 30 minutes “at one flat per minute rate, with no additional fees.” The DC fast charger network typically charges its users on two tiers: Pay-as-you-go and Membership.

“EVgo values the collaboration of Tesla.”

“EVgo values the collaboration of Tesla in developing this program, and we look forward to exploring new ways to meet the charging needs of Tesla drivers,” EVgo said in a statement.

Previously, any Tesla owner wishing to charge their vehicle outside the company’s Supercharger network needed to bring their own adapter. EV charging stations in the US typically feature one of two types of standards: CCS (Combined Charging System), which was first rolled out in 2013; and CHAdeMO, a trade name for a quick charging method.

Nissan and Mitsubishi use CHAdeMO, while the likes of Jaguar and BMW use CCS, for example. (Google Maps recently added a new feature that lets you search for electric car charging stations based on the type of plug they offer.)

EVgo’s fast chargers are dual-standard and offer CHAdeMO and CCS connectors. Now, all public EVgo fast chargers in San Francisco will offer CCS, CHAdeMO, and Tesla connectors.


Tesla has yet to offer CCS adapters for its vehicles. It does offer CHAdeMO adapters, but the charging industry appears to be moving toward the CCS standard. (That’s still been slow going, though. As noted by Green Car Reports, the US government’s Alternative Fuels Data Center’s database says there are still more places to fast-charge CHAdeMO vehicles than those with CCS.)

Last summer, Tesla revealed the first V3 Supercharger, capable of charging some of the company’s Model 3s at rates of up to 250kW, making it possible to gain 75 miles of range in just five minutes. Tesla has one of the biggest networks of EV chargers in the world, with 14,081 Superchargers across 1,604 stations in 36 countries.

EVgo says it has more than 750 chargers in 34 states today. Other companies are scrambling to add more charging stations with the expectation that EV sales will continue to rise, despite soft demand in the US.

Electrify America, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, announced earlier this year that it plans to install EV charging stations at more than 100 Walmarts in 34 states. ChargePoint, which operates one of the world’s largest charging station networks, said it is targeting a nearly 50-fold increase by the middle of the next decade: 2.5 million charging stalls by 2025, up from a network of around 53,000 currently.