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Why Devil May Cry 5 is my game of the year

Why Devil May Cry 5 is my game of the year


How do I love DMC? Let me count the ways

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Devil May Cry 5

If you want to understand the magic of Devil May Cry 5, look no further than V. The game’s newest lanky boy addition is one of three heroes to play as throughout Devil May Cry 5’s winding narrative. Unlike the game’s beloved demon hunters Dante or Nero, V doesn’t get his hands dirty directly, but rather stands back and lets summoned beasts take care of the fighting. He has a blowout befitting of Adam Driver on his best hair day, paired with tattoos that I can only describe as aggressively tribal. He reads poetry out loud and wears leather pants with sandals. Everything about V is remarkably stupid and yet ironically cool. I love him more than my own mother. 

The plot of Devil May Cry 5 goes something like this: Dante, Nero, and V are fighting masses of demons in order to save the human world and that’s… kind of all you need to know. Its story twists and turns through time and perspective, but never feels like it’s there to drag you down. You could enjoy the entire game with no idea what’s actually happening. It plays out through a series of new areas to explore, bookended by combat where you string together combos to pull off the most stylish moves possible — but literally, since the game awards you a score. Each segment is broken up into individual missions by time of day and character, as the game switches between all three men.

Devil May Cry 5

The constant hero swap makes it hard to tire of DMC5’s ludicrous fights. Each character is wildly different, whether you’re playing as V sulking in the background while his familiars do the work, or Dante crotch-grabbing and swinging around his motorcycle as an impromptu weapon. The more time you spend in DMC5, the easier it gets to purchase new combos that will mix up your play style even more. The game is constantly evolving, even as players are learning to master its basic skill set.

It makes you feel effortlessly cool

Capcom has done the work to make you feel effortlessly cool, even when you’re playing in the dark on your couch in a dirty hoodie. Each encounter is a chance to prove yourself as more adept, more capable than the last. Is there a point to all this? I don’t care. I want to slice demons in half for points that tell me I’ve got “smokin’ sexy style.”

But, back to my point about V being remarkably stupid, the phrase I would also use to describe most of Devil May Cry 5. I mean it with only the utmost adoration and appreciation. The game never takes itself too seriously, and never attempts to be anything other than what it is. It lionizes everything I enjoy about video games: implausible plot lines, bombastic action, costumes that make my skin sweat just looking at them. It has more rave music than a Berlin club at 2AM. Its heroes teeter between ultimate badasses and cheeseballs who deserve to get dunked into a toilet.

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