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Disney is finally selling a cute Baby Yoda plush, but it won’t arrive anytime soon

Disney is finally selling a cute Baby Yoda plush, but it won’t arrive anytime soon


Only a few more months of waiting

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Disney is finally selling a proper, officially licensed Baby Yoda plush toy just in time for the holidays; the only problem is customers won’t actually get it until early next year.

The plushie is one of the cuter official pieces of Mandalorian merchandise Disney has introduced over the last few weeks. Standing at 11 inches, the plushie is outfitted with a faux suede coat and “fuzzy trims.” It costs $24.99. All of these details seem great, but Disney notes on its website that customers shouldn’t expect to receive their own Baby Yoda until March 1, 2020 at the earliest.

“We expect this item to be available by 03/01/2020,” the product page reads. “Pre-order it now and you will be notified via email when it is ready to ship.”

The lack of official Baby Yoda merchandise confused Mandalorian fans, who began flocking to sites like Etsy and Redbubble to purchase unofficial items. There are versions of Baby Yoda also available to pre-order from toy makers like Mattel and Hasbro, but they won’t ship until 2020 either. Considering The Mandalorian launched alongside Disney+ in mid-November, not having an assortment of Baby Yoda toys ready in time for the holidays seemed especially weird.

Mandalorian producer Jon Favreau recognizes that not having a full line of merchandise available for customers isn’t usually how Disney operates. He specifically requested that executives not risk Baby Yoda being spoiled through leaks from toy manufacturers, asking to prolong ordering toys.

“By holding back on that one product, we knew that we may have had the disadvantage of not having toys available day and date, but what we got in exchange was an excitement surrounding the character, because everybody felt like they discovered him together,” Favreau told The Hollywood Reporter.

Now that Baby Yoda is here, companies like Hasbro, Funko Pop, and Disney are rushing to meet demand. Baby Yoda plushies will be everywhere and unavoidable soon enough — but definitely not before Christmas.