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LG now makes a home gardening appliance

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Hello, fresh

LG’s vegetable cultivator alongside a full-sized fridge.
Image: LG

There’s no surer sign that CES is near than the announcement of a massive home appliance of dubious merit. Joining the tradition of giant laundry folders and wardrobe sanitizers is this new indoor vegetable cultivator from LG. It controls light, temperature, and water to grow your own garden from up to 24 “all-in-one seed packages” that LG will happily sell you. The modular packages contain the seeds, peat moss, and fertilizer, and come in 20 varieties of lettuces and herbs including romaine, arugula, chicory, and basil. Growth can be managed from the accompanying app. And from the looks of the supplied press images, the gardening column is designed to slot into kitchens next to full-sized refrigerators.

No prices are given for the appliance or the seed packages, but LG plans to demonstrate its first home gardening cultivator at the big Consumer Electronics Show starting January 7th in Las Vegas.