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2019: A year in The Verge illustrations

Sci-fi futures, toxic cultures, and scooter wars

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

This past year The Verge launched an ambitious sci-fi series, broke stories that started conversations and forced change in industries, made our first zine, created interactive timelines, guides and a couple of straight-up video games. And for each one, we made a piece of art to carry the story through. So as New Year’s Day approaches, we’ve compiled our favorite illustrations from 2019, made by our art team and incredible freelancers.

If you want to see more beautiful work from The Verge, check out and follow us on Instagram @thevergeart. As always, our wallpapers page has original art for free download to put on your device. You can also head over to 2019: A year in photographs on The Verge to see the best of our photography from this year.

Online Reunion

Artist: Marcin Wolski

Monsters Come Howling in Their Season

Artist: Corey Brickley

Meet the scientists who are training AI to diagnose mental illness

Artist: Ana Kova

The god box: an oral history of Avatara

Artist: Jude Buffum

The Burn

Artist: Arik Roper

Why CAPTCHAs have gotten so difficult

Artist: Alex Castro

Skin City

Artist: Deborah Lee

Move the World

Artist: Zoë van Dijk

Machine of Loving Grace

Artist: Benjamin Currie

The Trauma Floor

Artist: Corey Brickley

The World Wide Web turns 30: our favorite memories from A to Z

Artist: Alex Castro

Why companies want to mine the secrets in your voice

Artist: Cathryn Virginia

The armchair psychologist who ticked off YouTube

Artist: Alex Castro

Foxconn is confusing the hell out of Wisconsin

Artist: William Joel

How the Game Boy found a new life through emulation

Artist: Alex Castro

15 game streaming services you can try before Google Stadia arrives

Artist: Alex Castro


Artist: William Joel

Why’d You Push That Button

Artist: Martina Paukova

Apple and Amazon cut a deal that upended the Mac resale market

Artist: Alex Castro

It’s easier to donate your body to science than your medical records

Artist: Mark Pernice

Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry

Artist: Alex Castro

Bodies in Seats

Artist: Corey Brickley

How William Gibson’s long-lost Alien 3 script became 2019’s most intriguing audio drama

Artist: Alex Castro

One year after Trump’s Foxconn groundbreaking, there is almost nothing to show for it

Artists: Amelia Holowaty Krales & Michele Doying

The Mormon Church vs. the internet

Artist: William Joel

Deaths and injuries don’t slow Uber Eats’ rapid expansion in Mexico

Artist: Alex Castro

Instagram ‘tag cleaners’ are fighting against digital vandalism

Artist: Alex Castro

They said you could leave electric scooters anywhere — then the repo men struck back

Artist: Jude Buffum

It’s Sentient

Artist: Ana Kova

Welcome to Lower Duck Pond, a fake town of 82,000 people

Artist: Meredith Miotke

Split Screen

Artists: Alex Castro & Michele Doying

YouTube shows have become a secret weapon for rising politicians

Artist: Selman Design

Faraday Cage

Artist: Alex Castro

Death Stranding: an explainer for Hideo Kojima’s inscrutable new PS4 game

Artist: Alex Castro

The everything town in the middle of nowhere

Artist: Laurent Hrybyk

How one company you’ve never heard of swallowed tens of thousands of text messages — then spit them back out

Artist: Alex Castro

Pirate Radio

Artist: William Joel

Dial Up

Artist: David Huang

The Last Stand

Artist: Alex Parkin

One of PlayStation’s most important studios makes games about loneliness

Artist: Alex Castro

How to fight lies, tricks, and chaos online

Artist: Alex Castro

PlayStation 25th anniversary issue

Artist: Alex Castro, Photography by Richard Parry

Emotional baggage

Artists: Grayson Blackmon & William Joel

PS4 impact

The environmental impact of a PlayStation 4

Artist: Alex Castro

32 moments that made the decade

Artist: Alex Castro

The Terror Queue

Artist: Corey Brickley

New Away leaks reveal employees worked without heat, struggled with headaches and nausea

Artist: William Joel


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