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Wyze debuts smart deadbolt lock and wireless keypad

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It can be installed in 15 minutes

Image: Wyze

Smart home accessory maker Wyze has debuted a smart lock, which works with customers’ existing cylinder deadbolts. The Wyze Lock will cost $89, and it will be available for general sale in February. Users in the Early Access program can order it now through the Wyze mobile app.

The lock works with four AA batteries that need to be replaced three times a year. It requires the Wyze Lock Gateway, the Wi-Fi bridge, to be plugged into an outlet near the door (within 50 feet) for users to be able to remotely lock and unlock their doors through the Wyze app. The lock works with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so if your home’s Wi-Fi or power is out, you can still have the Wyze Lock automatically lock and unlock when you’re near the door via your phone’s Bluetooth. It’s designed to work with most single cylinder deadbolts, and it should take about 15 minutes to install. The Wyze Lock is compatible with Alexa, Zigbee, and Google Assistant, and a voice unlock feature through Alexa and Google Assistant will arrive in 2020.

Image: Wyze

The Wyze Lock also comes with an optional Lock Keypad accessory, which doesn’t yet have a price, but it will be available in February. The keypad, which has an LED backlight, will use two AA batteries that need to be replaced twice a year and are rainproof with an IPX5 rating. It’s programmable to be guest-friendly, so users can create time-based single-access codes through the Wyze app.

Image: Wyze