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Another director leaves the Uncharted movie

Another director leaves the Uncharted movie


It’s the movie’s sixth director to bow out

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The Uncharted movie, based on the massively popular Indiana Jones-like game series, has lost another director, according to Deadline. Its release date has also been pushed back.

Deadline says Travis Knight, who most recently directed Transformers spinoff Bumblebee, had to drop from the Uncharted movie because of scheduling difficulties. The movie is set to star Tom Holland as protagonist Nathan Drake. Holland, however, is also committed to playing Spider-Man in the next Marvel iteration of series, which apparently begins shooting this summer. Deadline reports that Sony still plans to release the Uncharted movie, but with a new director and later release date. (It was originally slated for a December 18th, 2020 release.)

The Uncharted game series has been a huge success for Sony, selling more than 41 million units as of December 2017, but the movie has had a rocky history. There have been talks of a potential Uncharted movie as far back as 2008, the year after the first Uncharted game released. No movie has been released yet. Knight is the sixth director to bow out. The project has been around long enough that Mark Wahlberg was once supposed to portray Nathan Drake; he is now set to appear in the movie as Sully, an older mentor of Drake’s.

While you wait for the official Uncharted movie, you can watch UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film, an unauthorized short film starring Nathan Fillion, who is the person I would vote to portray Nathan Drake in the official movie, if it was up to me.

Correction: We originally stated that Nathan Drake’s voice actor in the Uncharted games is Nathan Fillion, which is incorrect. Drake’s voice actor is actually Nolan North.