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Imgur launches Melee, a dedicated gaming section trying to rival Twitch Clips

A community for players to show off their best moments

Image: Imgur

Twitch’s clips feature is one of the best ways for streamers to have their finest gaming moments go viral, and now, photo-sharing site Imgur is trying to get in on the action with Melee.

Melee is a new app for gaming content on Imgur. It’s meant to give players the ability to share their favorite gaming clips with other users and potentially bring attention to themselves in the process. Imgur has hundreds of millions of users who frequent the site, and they may differ from the daily Twitch crowd, making it a new venue for streamers who are trying to get recognized. Although the company is also allowing Twitch integrations for players.

The idea spun out of the difficulty people find while trying to build up their audiences in the gaming space, according to a press release. “If you don’t already have an established following on Twitch, it’s really hard to start there and grow your audience,” Imgur writes. “Melee presents a gaming-specific platform for players to build up their audiences.”

What a post will look like in Melee.
Image: Imgur

Melee is broken down into sections for different games and uses. There’s a Fortnite group, a FIFA group, and sections for Twitch streamers and YouTubers looking for an additional platform to share their clips. Imgur users can like, comment, and share clips within the app, too.

Imgur isn’t the only company looking to exist alongside Twitch’s Clips system. Mixer, which has had a version of Clips for some time, has been giving select users more control over clip creation. Social media and the ability to go viral are key to growing a strong following, and in the gaming community, a big part of that comes down to a great clip. Imgur is just the newest platform to try to leverage those gaming moments.