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Harmony Korine teamed up with Gucci and Snapchat to make a (meaningless) short film

Harmony Korine teamed up with Gucci and Snapchat to make a (meaningless) short film


It’s garbage, the kind you make with lots of money

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There is a peculiar kind of alchemy that happens at the point where massive amounts of money and highly regarded artists converge: everything in the vicinity becomes meaningless. (Call it an existential voidout.) Snapchat and Gucci collaborated with respected filmmaker Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers, The Beach Bum) on a pair of Snapchat Spectacles — the connected glasses nobody used — exclusively for this year’s Miami Art Basel. And then Korine shot a short film with them. Here is that film, which is titled Duck Duck. I’ll wait while you watch it.

I’m sure if I were an ambitious undergraduate film student, I’d be able to find some meaning here, some fragment of poetry, but what this triggers in me is a kind of existential despair. Nothing matters; ashes to ashes, dust to dust, etc. Duck Duck has made my brain perfectly smooth. Korine’s film is a testament to the void.

But that’s what’s brilliant about it. It means absolutely nothing, but it meets the technical definition of fun. The crews got paid, presumably, and so did Korine. (Biggest of shouts to whoever the foley artist was because that person is a genius.) The product was never the point.

I find that helpful to remember. The reason money and art go so well together, like Szechuan spice and peanuts, is because fine art is a pretty good hedge against inflation. (Although, to be fair, that does depend on the art market’s “mood.”) Anyway, happy Art Basel.