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Apple is offering an extended Apple Music trial during the Grammys for Shazam users

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An additional month above the typical 3-month free trial

Image: Apple

Apple acquired Shazam last year, and it’s using the music search app to provide a special offer for users who are watching tonight’s Grammy Awards (as spotted by 9to5Mac). They’ll get a rundown of the award show in the app, and can unlock an extended, four-month free trial for Apple Music.

The company is promoting the offer on a card in its App Store: “Viewers at home can also Shazam the Grammy Awards at any point during the broadcast to identify songs from the awards show and unlock a special offer from Apple Music.” The app will show off a timeline of music from the show, and anyone who uses the app to identify a song will get the extended offer.

That’s an additional month above the usual free trial for new Apple Music subscribers — if you’ve been on the fence about signing up, it might be a good opportunity to check it out.