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Samsung teases foldable phone news during Galaxy S10 event

Samsung teases foldable phone news during Galaxy S10 event

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Samsung appears to be just over a week away from giving the world a first look at the actual design of its foldable phone. The company released a teaser video this morning showing the words “the future unfolds” wrapping around the outline of what seems to be a book-shaped device. Details are promised next week, on February 20th, during Samsung’s Galaxy S10 event.

Foldable phones have started to debut over the past couple months, and Samsung even gave the world a first look at its ability to make a foldable screen in November. It was an impressive reveal, with Samsung holding up a device that seemed to easily collapse from a tablet into a closed book. But Samsung hid key details: the device was held up in the dark, and it was seemingly hidden inside some sort of case, concealing what it really looked like.

It’s not clear if the phone will receive a full launch next Wednesday, upstaging the Galaxy S10. But Samsung is making it pretty apparent that some sort of first look is in store.

The teaser also has some pretty great music, like something that would play as the first act of a sci-fi film is ramping up and its heroes are about to see something they were never meant to see. You should turn the sound on, is what I’m saying.