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Right-clicking in Gmail is about to get a whole lot more useful

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Google is finally addressing one of the more annoying quirks of Gmail’s web interface by overhauling the right-click menu, adding a lot more options in the pop-up list that should make it way more useful.

As updates go, it’s a pretty simple one: once the rollout hits your account, you’ll be presented with the above list of options when you right-click on an email, adding options to reply, forward, label, move, mute, and snooze emails — options that honestly should have been there for a long time.

Compare that to the old right-click menu, which gave just a paltry three options: archive, mark as unread, or delete.

Gmail’s old right-click menu

Google says that it’ll be rolling out the update starting today to G Suite users with Rapid Release domains, and on February 22nd for Scheduled Release customers, although it’ll likely take a few days in either case to roll out. No timeframe for bog-standard free Gmail accounts has been given, though if past trends hold, it’ll likely make its way to your inbox sometime in the coming days.