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A new dating app mashes up HQ Trivia with Tinder

A new dating app mashes up HQ Trivia with Tinder


Exactly what you didn’t want

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Quiz Date Live

A new app’s creators think they know the key to dating success: a trivia-oriented game show where the questions revolve around a bachelorette. It’s a unique idea, for sure, albeit one that I can’t imagine having wide appeal. The game, called Quiz Date Live, comes from a company called East Meets East, which has raised $4 million in funding to get its iOS show off the ground. The team plans to monetize in a way similar to the mobile HQ game show by giving users the option to purchase extra lives. The game has two parts, and the second part has three rounds. Try to stick with me while I explain.

The first part involves a contestant who the company chooses based on email entries, telling potential participants about herself. The second part is where that shared information comes into play. In round one, users have to answer multiple choice questions based on that live stream. In round two, the bachelorette asks players questions to get to know them better, which they then answer through SMS texts. The single person will pick her top three people (based on their answers) to be in round three.

Compete for a bachelorette’s love

In round three, those final three are then asked to “impress” the contestant with a song, dance, poetry, or whatever else. This is streamed to viewers live. The winner, as chosen by the contestant, gets to go on an expense-paid date, like a helicopter ride or a dinner at a fancy restaurant. A host is present during the live game, in addition to the bachelorette, to keep the game flowing and to moderate the live stream.

There’s a lot happening here, and I’m not sure how the game’s creators are going to pull it off, especially if the app becomes popular.

For now, only heterosexual bachelorettes can participate, but the company says it’s planning to launch bachelor versions and episodes with LGBTQ contestants. The show takes place three times a week — Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday — and right now, all contestants have to be based in New York City or the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut). It’ll eventually expand to other cities, and Quiz Date Live says it’ll soon fly contestants out for their date.

Image: Quiz Date Live

Right now, the interface of the app doesn’t look great. It seems like the company set up some background in their office and pressed record. The company says it’s redesigned the interface, however, that wasn’t totally reflected in the materials that were sent to me. The image at the top of this article features an all-red background, which looks like an improvement.

The marketing material also seems to target guys who want to date an attractive woman. On one hand, I get that women are sick of traditional online dating and convincing that demographic to use an app is difficult for developers. It’s why apps like Ship and Bumble, which are specifically targeted at women, are interesting to watch. The idea of having a game show all about me is tempting, only because I’m a ham who wants men to compete for me, but I don’t get how this will work long-term. More than anything else, it’s not a practical solution for everyone. Only three matches are made per week. Everyone else has to go without love.