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Tidal follows Spotify, adds block button for specific artists

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It applies to artists and songs, and can be undone

Tidal is staying on top of the social climate and its competition by allowing you to block music you don’t want to hear. It’s a page taken out of Spotify’s book, which recently enabled the feature after receiving pressure from their users.

Blocking artists or specific songs on Tidal affects the My Mix personalized playlists and track radio. Unless you unblock your selection(s) within the Tidal app’s settings, the previously blocked song or artist will never play again on your account.

Tidal’s addition of artist / song blocking is great for those scenarios where you want to avoid an earworm, or just have an artist you loathe and don't want to listen to. After Spotify came under fire for removing singer R. Kelly’s songs (following recent accusations of sexual abuse and violence) from its playlists, but not entirely from the streaming service, it would make sense that more music streaming platforms (like Tidal) would move toward giving their users more control over what they listen to.