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The NBA app-controlled ‘smart jersey’ of the future lets you change your player name and number

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Great for fair-weather fans


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver gave the world a peek at the future of jerseys during this week’s NBA All-Start Technology Summit, an event dedicated to illustrating how technology might advance the sport by 2038.

In addition to mentioning fans gaining entry into games via facial recognition, hologram mascots, and more personalized game experiences, Silver demonstrated the future of jerseys: a piece of smart clothing that can change the name and number displayed on them through a mobile app. Details on how the jersey is made weren’t shared, but it’s a neat, concept and something we haven’t seen before.

You can check out the demo below:

I can’t imagine people wanting to change their jerseys all that often, but I guess if you’re joining the bandwagon during a playoff series or championship game, you might want to rep someone new. Congrats to all fair-weather fans.