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The best new Twitter bot is an endless game of Jeopardy where the winners are good at puns

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Thanks @endlessjeopardy

Web artist Neil Cicierega has created a new bot that’ll forever distract us on Twitter. His new Twitter account, @endlessjeopardy, creates “randomly generated clues” that fellow Twitter users can reply to with an answer. A new clue comes every hour. There’s no correct answer, but whoever’s response receives the most likes will win points. A bot keeps score, and it seems some users already have multiple wins.

Here’s a sample statement and the winning question.

The bot picks five winners per question, although each receives a different amount of points. People can lose points if they submit a winning response but don’t phrase it as a question. Prizes are doubled for clues that get lots of replies, and ties are determined by whoever was quickest to reply. The winners seem to be chosen within minutes of the question going live. Of course, the point of the game isn’t to collect points, necessarily. It’s just fun to watch what answers people create, and sure, to also compete with fellow Twitter users.