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New trailers: Hobbs & Shaw, Apollo 11, Hanna, and more

New trailers: Hobbs & Shaw, Apollo 11, Hanna, and more

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I heard so many people raving about The Good Place last year that I assumed it was some sort of trick and the show was actually terrible. But then a friend described it to me as “not exactly surreal but kind of like that show you like” (she meant Pushing Daisies), and suddenly I had to find out what everyone was talking about.

So yeah, consider this my three-year-late acknowledgement that The Good Place is super good, super smart, and super worth watching.

One thing I’m particularly impressed with is that, despite being a sitcom, the show has a plot — things develop and move forward every week; there are actual stakes; and it can legitimately feel tense at times, which isn’t something you’d expect from a half-hour comedy.

Check out seven new trailers from this week below.

Hobbs & Shaw

I’ve never seen a Fast & Furious film, so I’m a little confused as to how they morphed into full-on secret-agent (and borderline sci-fi) action movies. But also... this kind of looks fantastic — it’s self-aware, never serious, action-packed, and continually taking breaks for humor. The film comes out August 2nd.

Apollo 11

I enjoyed First Man, the dramatized take on Neil Armstrong as he journeyed to the moon, but this new Apollo 11 documentary looks like it could be even better. It’s filled with incredible shots of the launch and the work that went into it behind the scenes — there’s also no narration or experts chiming in, so it’s just an hour and a half of dazzling footage. There’s no release date yet.


Amazon is turning the 2011 film Hanna into a TV series, which I can imagine working really well — the film had a super simple story about a teenage girl trained to be an assassin, in part to defend herself and in part to seek revenge. It’s the kind of thing that leaves an endless amount of room to expand upon, but is also structured enough that you can guarantee some action in every episode. The full season arrives in March, but Amazon will debut the first episode after the Super Bowl.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Chiwetel Ejiofor makes his feature directorial debut with The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, which he also stars in as a father in rural Malawi whose son tries to save their home by building a windmill that can pump up water. The film is based on the childhood of William Kamkwamba, who has gone on to do a TED talk and write a book about his experience building the wind turbine. The movie debuts March 1st.

A Vigilante

The debut feature by Sarah Daggar-Nickson has Olivia Wilde playing a woman who takes revenge on abusive men. It’s a thrilling premise, but it looks like the film takes the issue of abuse seriously, too, reflecting on the immense pain abusers’ inflict on people. It comes out March 29th.

The White Crow

Ralph Fiennes directs this film about a dancer on the edge of defecting from the Soviet Union in the 1960s. It’s based on a true story, and the imagery alone looks like it’d be worth checking the movie out for. It comes out in the UK on March 22nd.

The Dragon Prince

I usually try to stick to trailers for new series or major returning ones in this column, but I wanted to include this trailer for a reason: it shows off how The Dragon Prince’s creators have tweaked the show’s animation style in between seasons. The first season featured a jerky look intended to give it a stop-motion feel, but it was changed in response to criticism from fans. The second season debuts February 15th.