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The new 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus costs an eye-watering $1,600

The new 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus costs an eye-watering $1,600


The 1TB S10 Plus is the most expensive Galaxy S smartphone ever

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Today Samsung announced several new Galaxy S10 flagship phones, but there’s one out of the three that stands out. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 1TB of upgraded storage is their most expensive Galaxy S phone to date, at $1,600. If you’re on a 30-month contract plan, like what’s available from AT&T or US Cellular, that’s $53.34 per month, on top of your service plan, making the 1TB S10 Plus one of the most expensive smartphones you can buy from a US carrier.

Except, of course, Samsung’s $1,980 foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, if carriers sell it too. Or if Samsung’s 5G-equipped Galaxy S10 5G winds up costing even more.

There’s not as much precedent set for a $1,600 smartphone as there has been for the thousand-dollar mark, as seen with the Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X / XS / XS Max phones, to say nothing of $1,980 and up.

Regardless, Samsung does think that someone out there wants a 1TB smartphone that costs as much as a laptop. Against the lower starting prices of the S10E ($749.99) and regular-sized Galaxy S10 ($899.99), the S10 Plus (starting at $999.99) has a larger 4,100mAh battery, bigger 6.4-inch screen, and is the only Galaxy device of the three to come with a 1TB option (microSD expandable to an additional 512GB).

Overall, there are more than just a few spec bumps to differentiate the S10 Plus from its smaller brethren, but having a terabyte of storage on your phone — more than some laptops — might just be worth the few extra hundred dollars.

Here’s how to preorder.