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All the updates for the BBC’s His Dark Materials series

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Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy is getting a new adaptation, thanks to the BBC. The series will presumably tackle the entire classic fantasy trilogy — comprised of The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass — for the small screen.

The series is set in an alternate universe where people are accompanied by manifestations of their souls, shapeshifting animals known as daemons. The series follows a young girl named Lyra Belacqua, who sets off into the arctic to track down a friend who has been kidnapped by her world’s malevolent Church, which is conducting experiments on children to uncover the nature of an elementary particle known as Dust.

The series will star by Dafne Keen as Lyra, Ruth Wilson as Church agent Mrs. Coulter, James McAvoy as Lord Asriel, and Lin-Manuel Miranda as aeronaut Lee Scoresby. Follow along for all of the updates and commentary for the series.