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Lenovo has created ThinkPad and Yoga headphones

Lenovo has created ThinkPad and Yoga headphones


More PC makers are getting into headphones

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Lenovo is creating its own headphones for ThinkPad and Yoga laptop owners. The PC maker has created two versions with active and electronic noise cancellation that will be targeted at consumers and businesses. Lenovo’s Yoga ANC headphones have a white design, while the X1 ANC headphones come in the typical ThinkPad silver and black style. Both headphones share the same features and overall collapsible design, and support Windows PCs and iOS / Android devices through Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C connectivity.

Lenovo is using aluminum finished ear cups, alongside a soft cushion for comfort. There’s no word on battery life for either set, but both can be charged in under two hours via USB-C. They’re designed primarily for conference calls, and are optimized for Skype calling and tuned by Dolby. Lenovo is also including quick access controls for volume, alongside some limited voice control thanks to the built-in microphone. Lenovo missed a trick and didn’t add a red TrackPoint-like nub as a volume control on the ThinkPad-styled pair.


Lenovo’s headphone push follows Microsoft’s own Surface-branded headphones. It could be a sign we’re about to see more headphones from a range of PC makers as these companies continue to look beyond laptops and attempt to use their PC brands to create complimentary products.

Lenovo is pricing these headphones differently between consumers and commercial customers. The Yoga headphones will be available in July for $169.99, while the ThinkPad style will be priced at $149.99. It’s not clear when the ThinkPad version will be available in the US, but it’s arriving in Europe in June.