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Tesla is making a mystery announcement at 2PM PT

Tesla is making a mystery announcement at 2PM PT


The company just suspended sales of every single vehicle

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You might want to watch Tesla’s website in just under an hour, because Elon Musk is teasing — well, Tesla’s teasing something. To focus your attention, the company has suspended sales of the Model 3, Model S and Model X, as noted by CNBC, with all the buy buttons redirecting to this page.

Update: It’s the long-awaited $35,000 Tesla Model 3.

We’ve known since Tuesday that Elon Musk had some sort of announcement in store, but at first it seemed like his cryptic tweet — he merely wrote “Thursday 2pm” — might have something to do with his response to the SEC trying to get him held in contempt of court.

On Wednesday, he clarified that it’d actually be a Tesla announcement, as opposed to some personal news or related to his other businesses like SpaceX or The Boring Company.

But aside from the phrases “The wait is almost over” and “Great things are launching at 2pm,” we honestly have no real idea what it could be. Will a Model 3 finally cost just $35,000, as Musk originally promised?

Or maybe something far less glamorous:

It wouldn’t be too surprising if Musk simply announces a new optional feature. When he pulled a similar trick in 2015, the big announcement was merely the admittedly-cool Ludicrous Speed mode for the Tesla Model S P85D.

Update, 5:34 PM ET: The mystery announcement was indeed a $35,000 Tesla Model 3.