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This photo app turns strangers into perfect Instagram boyfriends

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Unless you have an Instagram boyfriend who’s dedicated to taking flattering photos of you, you have to hope that whichever friend or stranger you hand your phone to can take a good shot. To make sure they capture exactly what you want, you can try using SOVS (which stands for ‘SomeOne Very Special”), a playful Korean photo app that lets you show people how you want your photo taken.

The concept is simple: you can choose from a menu of white outlines depicting various poses, then hand the phone to your photographer to superimpose the avatar over you (like a fun crime scene!). You can choose between a square or 3:4 ratio shot, and you can also adjust the size of the outlines and move them around to your liking. The outlines can either appear in the captured photo, or just be used as a guide and disappear when it’s captured.

There are two versions of the app, which are unfortunately iOS-only for now: SOVS costs 99 cents and is meant to be used when you want a solo shot, and SOVS2 is free and comes with some innovative poses for group photos. Of course, there are in-app purchases in case you want to unlock some of the more daring packs.


It’s refreshing to see a photo app on the top apps charts (it hit number one in Photo apps in South Korea when it first debuted last year, and is still going strong) that’s not dedicated to over-filtering the living daylights out of your face, but instead, offers a simple solution to a common problem.

Is it slightly embarrassing? Sure! But will it get the job done? Probably! So swallow that pride and go ahead and hand over your phone to a stranger, who may be like, “Wait, what is this?” But they’ll get the hang of it, and in the end, you’ll be the one with photos from your solo Europe trip so perfect, it’ll make your Instagram followers wonder, “Has Morgan taken on a new lover who is also a great photographer?”