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New Samsung true wireless earbuds appear in leaked promotional image

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Rumored to be able to charge wirelessly from an S10 handset

Image: WinFuture

A leaked promotional image may have just given us our first look at Samsung’s rumored upcoming true wireless earbuds. In the images posted by WinFuture, the “Galaxy Buds” (as a trademark application and Bluetooth certification suggest they’ll be called) can be seen sitting on the rear of what appears to be a Galaxy S10 handset.

This positioning might not be a coincidence. According to an earlier rumor from SamMobile, the unannounced S10 will be able to wirelessly charge other devices using a technology called “PowerShare.” It’s a similar feature to what we saw with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and its FreeBuds 2 Pro Wireless earphones.

Much as the Galaxy Watch wasn’t Samsung’s first smartwatch, the Galaxy Buds won’t be its first true wireless earbuds (hello 2016’s Gear IconX). Instead, they’re another step toward unifying much of the company’s lineup under the Galaxy brand, and away from the Gear branding of yesteryear. At least the Gear VR isn’t going anywhere… right?