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Kingdom Hearts III gets an adorable limited-edition Sony Walkman

Kingdom Hearts III gets an adorable limited-edition Sony Walkman


And a set of matching headphones

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Kingdom Hearts III is finally here after more than 20 years of waiting from an absurdly patient fanbase. To celebrate the achievement, Sony has released a limited-edition Series A Walkman.

The Walkman, one of Sony’s flagship portable music players, can be seen in the tweet below. It’s not a new product by any means — the first Walkman was released in 1979 and built for cassette players. This version, the NW-A55, is Sony’s digital model of the device. It can hold up to 16GB of data internally.

Although the Walkman itself isn’t brand spanking new, the Kingdom Hearts III design certainly is. It shows Sora, the game’s main protagonist best known for his spiky hair, wearing incredibly wide flood pants, and dealing with Donald Duck’s constant berating, sitting on his throne.

The Walkman isn’t the only Kingdom Hearts III-inspired piece of audio hardware Sony has released to celebrate the game’s introduction. A special pair of WH-H800 h.ear on 2 mini wireless headphones outlined with Kingdom Hearts III decals are also available to purchase. Unlike the Walkman, Sora is nowhere to be found. Instead, the headphones take their inspiration from different symbols that appear throughout the game, including a Keyblade, Mickey Mouse head and, naturally, hearts.

The Kingdom Hearts III Walkman is available to purchase from Sony Japan’s website for $263 US, and the headphones are $226. Kingdom Hearts 3 is available to play on PlayStation 4 now.