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Mozilla’s self-destructing file-sharing service exits beta

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Image; Mozilla

Firefox Send, the encrypted file-sharing service from Mozilla, has exited beta and is no longer an experiment. The service allows you to send download links that are set to automatically expire after a certain period of time, or after a set number of people have downloaded them. An additional password can also be set before a recipient can download a file.

Having this control, Mozilla argues, makes Firefox Send a much better choice for sharing any sensitive files or documents. However, setting limits on the number of downloads won’t prevent people from being able to make copies after they’ve been downloaded, so a certain amount of common sense should still be used when sending anything particularly sensitive.

Download links can be set to expire after a certain amount of time, or once their contents have been downloaded a specific number of times.
Image: Mozilla

Firefox Send is available now, and is available regardless of browser. You can send up to 1GB of files by default, but 2.5GB of capacity is available if you sign up for a free Firefox account. In addition to its online portal, Mozilla is launching an Android app into beta to allow you to share files while mobile.