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Another dating app is launching a live trivia quiz show

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Scruff’s players can win money and scout a new boo


Scruff, a gay dating app, is launching a new live quiz show, called Hosting, that’ll live inside the app. Shockingly, and truly I’m shocked, this isn’t the first dating app to try its hand at an attached quiz show. Quiz Date Live announced its premise — a live dating show where players compete for a date — last month. Scruff’s game differs in that it’s modeled after HQ Trivia. The questions are more random, and players won’t win a date. There will be a $500 prize for each game, and participants can browse who else is playing and either “woof” at them, which is like a Facebook Poke, or “favorite” them, which adds them to a list of people they might want to revisit.

Every show takes place at 9PM ET, at the same time as HQ Trivia, and is available in North America. There are three rounds with 10 questions each. Players have 10 seconds to answer each question. Scruff has committed to being an ad-free platform, so it says there won’t be ads during the quiz show. Instead, it generates revenue through its paid dating tier,

While creating a quiz show isn’t the most obvious product decision for a dating app, it does potentially make Scruff part of the cultural conversation, if it’s successful. Also, hosting it nightly develops a habit for daters who might not be checking the app daily. Scruff just has to make sure the game is still a place to meet dates.