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Now you can try to catch Carmen Sandiego in Google Earth

Welcome to ACME, gumshoe

It’s been a while since I’ve played around on Google Earth, but an assignment from the head honchos at ACME to find the elusive Carmen Sandiego got me to click around the world. Google has partnered with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to launch The Crown Jewels Caper, the first in a series of Carmen Sandiego games in Google Earth. It plays just like the old Carmen Sandiego PC games you remember: visit different landmarks, talk to the locals, and figure out Sandiego’s next destination from their clues.

Though the game is made for promoting the animated Netflix show, it’s still a great collaboration, combining the fun, adventurous aspect of Carmen Sandiego with the immense 3D map resources of Google Earth. The pixel art is charming, though it’s too bad the game is missing sound. I miss the “Fly by night” theme songs from the PC games that played when you’re traveling.

I’m still not entirely sure what a gumshoe is, but now I know that the currency used in Dubai is the dirham and that platypuses are mammals. The educational game can be played on Chrome, Android, and iOS. Google says to look for the special-edition Pegman icon to get started.