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Apple Music now works on Amazon’s Fire TV devices

Apple Music now works on Amazon’s Fire TV devices


You don’t need an Apple TV to play your Apple Music tunes on the TV screen

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The Apple Music logo on a background with a wave pattern
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Amazon added support for Apple Music to its Echo speakers back in December, letting users pick Apple’s service as their preferred music source. Now, that same option has come to Amazon’s Fire TV streaming boxes and sticks. Starting today, you can play tunes from Apple Music on the TV screen using Alexa in the US. (Amazon says Apple Music compatibility will come to Echo and Fire TV devices in the UK sometime in the next few weeks.)

If you’ve already set up and linked your Apple Music account to Alexa, there’s nothing else for you to do: things should be working right away and you can start playing Apple Music immediately. If you haven’t done so yet, the process doesn’t take long at all. Owners of the Fire TV Cube can get Apple Music running through their multi-room music setups, too.

Checking off support for Amazon’s ecosystem was a big step for Apple Music, and it seems the service might also be coming to Google Home — eventually. Last month, Apple Music popped up in the music settings menu for Google’s smart speakers, but the feature wasn’t actually working at the time. Google later said Apple Music is currently supported via Google Assistant and didn’t comment on future functionality.