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Dropbox adds three-device limit for free users

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Accounts with more than three devices already attached can keep them, but you can’t add new ones

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Dropbox has quietly updated its website to allow users on the company’s free storage plan to only connect up to three laptops, tablets, or phones to their account at one time, as spotted by Liliputing.

Users with more than three devices linked before March 2019 will be allowed to keep those devices connected, even if they’re over the three-device limit. But adding new devices — say, if you get a new computer or phone — won’t be allowed. If you have more than three devices that you’d like to use with your account, you’ll either have to pay for a Plus or Professional plan or get used to constantly linking and unlinking devices. Mobile devices count toward the three-device limit, too. So if your account is linked to a laptop, a phone, and a tablet, you’ll already run into the new limit.

It’s hard to view the new restriction as anything but a move by Dropbox to encourage customers to pay for its paid plans, which include the $9.99-per-month Plus subscription for 1TB of storage or the $19.99-per-month Professional plan with 2TB of storage. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this sort of device limit from companies that are looking to push premium subscribers. Evernote has a similar two-device limit for its free plan, too. Still, the change is likely to be a frustrating one for users who were using Dropbox to sync files between multiple devices.